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Home | Kerala Agriculture | Tea - Spice Plantations in Kerala
Kerala Agriculture

Kerala Agriculture

Tea Plantations in Kerala

The tea cultivation was introduced in India by the British when they found that the climate and soil conditions of the hilly areas of Kerala are suitable for tea cultivation. The bush has shiny green leaves with pointed ends and has a pleasant aroma. The trees are planted at a distance of 1 to 1.5 meter along the landscape. India is today the world's largest tea producer and exporter.

They have the capability to grow to a tree height. But it is trimmed as a bush for easy plucking of tea leaves. Tea plucking is carried out usually by group of women using their hands. They often sing peppy songs and move along the rows of tea bushes in rhythmic steps while plucking tea leaves. The tea leaves are processed and sorted into different categories.

It is beautiful sight that the green tea bushes cover the hilly slopes like a green blanket over the surface of the hill.

Munnar is the most beautiful place which is also known for its tea cultivation. The tea giant Tata Tea is in Munnar. They opened a Tea Museum in Munnar, dedidcated to all those who worked for making Munnar a major tea plantation in Kerala. It highlights all the facts about tea cultivation. Old Tea machineries, photographs, curious artiocleas etc are all showcased here. The tea museum also houses antique bungalow furniture samples, ancient typewriters, wooden tubs, ancient magneto phones, etc. The museum also showcases the various techniques by which tea is produced and refined The other most popular hill stations known for its tea plantation are Peerumedu, Aanayirankal etc..

Spice Plantations in Kerala

Kerala is known for its vast Spice plantations. In olden times foreigners came to Kerala to carry away its aromatic spices to the Mediterranean lands. The spices of Kerala were Spicesused in the West to all flavors to food and wine and to preserve meat during the cold European winter. All the spices have some or other medicinal value.The spices in Kerala are Black Pepper, Cardamom, Ginger, Turmeric, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Clove, Garcinia, Vanilla, Paprika etc. kera spices acquired a wide fame across the universe for its aroma and flavour.

Kerala is renowned world for its export and import of Pepper. It is the king of spices. Cardamom is one of the oldest found spices in the world. It has a unique flavor and hence it has great demand in Middle East, Russia and Japan. Cloves are one of the indispensable spices among the local preparations in Kerala. Kerala is acclaimed to be home to the finest quality Ginger, due to its warm humid climate and rich soil. Cinnamon , the dried bark of a tree, which is once more precious than gold. It is also famous for its aroma and is used in preparations. The most popular and widely used spice in almost all South Indian kitchens, Curry leaf is an absolute must for an aromatic and appetizing dish. The plant is commonly grown in almost every home in Kerala and is daily used to add that special finishing touch to the preparations.

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